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    Support with legal, technical and regulatory questions relating to private lending in Canada.

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    Access to leading regulatory and compliance insight on compliance and regulatory requirements for private lenders that help you meet your obligations and stay focused on your business rather than the regulators.

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    Exposure to industry leading experts and professional advisers to private lenders (e.g. legal, title insurance, accounting, loan servicing, compliance, etc.) so you can access the professional advice you need, when you need it.

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    Commitment to our Code of Ethics.  We created the industry’s professional code of ethics. These standards of conduct and best practices protect our members, the reputation of the industry, and the clients who do business with our members.

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    Participation as an industry leader with your commitment to defending the reputation and regulatory capabilities of private lenders across Canada.  Have your voice heard when it comes to regulatory issues affecting private lenders.

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    Access to educational programs, webinars and networking opportunities focused on the professional development and continuous learning of private lenders.

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    • Preferred pricing on Adlaw Appraisals
    • Preferred pricing on Existing Homeowner Title Insurance Policies – FCT
    • Preferred pricing on Mortgage Administration for Private Lenders – AAREA 
    • 10% off subscriptions and a waived onboarding fee – BVigilant

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